Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Motivation - Body Image

If one of our friends was upset about how her body looked, we would be able to look at her honestly and see her beauty, probably marvel at her insecurity.  Why in the world don't we cut ourselves the same slack?

Isn't this one amazing!


This one is my favourite.  I definitely have to keep it in mind.



Adrianne Surian said...


Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

Hey Terry!

The last couple of weeks have really gotten away from me... what a great day to check in with you. I love this post... we are not our weight, or numbers on the scale! I've got to show this to my 15 year old; when it comes to teen girls, the more messages like this the better.

Have a great weekend!

Lesley said...

See? That's why I have no friends. I'm always telling them they're gross and not as pretty as my other friends. ;o)
It's so hard. I feel so, so sorry for my 8 year old daughter, who will have to fight these social guidelines that are set out for us. Even as a 36 year old, and though completely aware of how ridiculous and harmful it is to compare myself to other women, I still do it. Of course I do. It's what we all do in some capacity.
We're never enough. Not pretty, smart, thin, successful, funny or talented enough.
How sad. I mean...really sad that we are given such a short amount of time to figure this whole thing out and it haunts us deep into our years.
Positivity is key and reenforcing our support of each other is beautiful! I'm so appreciative of your post today. You chose awesome quotes!

Macey said...

Those are awesome.
And that's coming from a fat girl. :)

Unknown said...

I am really bad at this! I like all the quotes you picked. There is also one about trying to speak to yourself as if you were someone you care about.

I second everything Leslie said. I worry all the time about my girls and the mean world they have to grow up in. Abba is in 1st grade and already she comes home telling me that girls are picking on her because her hair isn't the right color or other nonsense. The 1st grade! Yes, there have been tears. My heart breaks for her.

Kei said...

All those graphics make me happy! Society is cruel with its expectations; I'm sick of seeing and hearing people lament not being thinner and the 'motivational' graphics spattered around pinterest featuring gorgeous, tiny, superfit women and slogans that are bordering on accusatory and critical aren't any help to the situation.
The pressure to always lose weight and be thin is stupid. I'm a UK10-12 and if I did lose any more weight, I'd be skeletal. People forget that bones and muscle have a lot to do with what size you are!

So yay for your encouraging, truly motivational post!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Great messages all.

Tina said...

OK....IMO, these girls/women who want to look like Barbie have serious issues. I grew up playing with Barbies and never had the desire to look like her or anyone else for that matter.

My daughter never had a body image problem. But I always talked openly about models and actresses and what they do to their bodies to look they way they do. I mean seriously some of those people in hollywood have more plastic and toxic chemicals in their bodies then the lab rats they use for
experiments!! The young girls need to be sent that message, just because these people who run their mouths may look healthy on the outside, they are not on the inside and that is what counts. Strong mind, Strong body, Strong soul.

Sorry, I am finished! Good post and good comments from the above ladies.

I love the Marilyn Monroe quote.

Have a wonderful week.

Lisa said...

These are great and very inspirational! It would be good to hang a few on the bathroom mirror.

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