Tuesday, December 27, 2011

July to September 2011

Continuing on with the 2011 recap, hosted by:

So let's get started.


We went to Danny Paille day and saw him hoist the Stanley Cup.  How adorable did this cutie patootie look?!

Danny Paille Day

I made my first crocheted flower bracelet.

Crocheted Flower Bracelet


A little kitchen experimenting -- chicken piccata.

Chicken Piccata

I totally jumped the gun on autumn and made this wreath.

Autumn Wreath


I made my first big crochet project, this market bag, inspired by Kadie from Seven Alive.

Crocheted Market Bag

I tried my hand at canning. These turned out better than I had hoped and were really easy to make.  Never mind how fabulous the kitchen smelled all day.

Italian Spiced Plums

I can't believe how fast the year is flying by.  Thank you so much for following along with me.  Stay tuned for the final recap segment of 2011.


Lesley said...

We have, like, a billion raspberry bushes and every year I swear I'll make preserves and I never do. This year though! I'm totally gonna do it!

Barbara said...

Oh my, that chicken picatta looks delicious!!

Adrianne Surian said...

Those plums are amazing. I might give them a try this year to have on-hand for the holidays!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the chicken piccata!!! Oh, and the love with crochet started YAY. Gotta love that.

Emmy said...

That bracelet is awesome!! So beautiful. My mom always canned food growing up, I really should do it.
Thanks for linking up, I have your point recorded.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love the bracelet! It's so unique and cute! And I can't believe that's your first crochet project--amazing! I started an afghan a while back, but it is currently sitting in my basement.

Carmella said...

fun, fun, fun! And I love your market bag so much, great job!

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