Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good Reads

I really enjoy reading and one of my resolutions for this year was to read 52 books in 2012.  It won't be easy but I think I can do it.  To help me to achieve this goal, I have signed up to this cool website:  Goodreads.

This site has so many interesting things.  You can establish bookshelves and then categorize your books for the different shelves.  For example, I have books I've read, books I'm reading, and wishlist books, but you can customize the shelves to read whatever you like.

You can search for books and get reviews by other Goodreads members (membership is free by the way), including people you have denoted as your friends.  You can also create reviews and ratings for the books that you have read.

Once you've read and rated 20 books, the site can recommend books for you that will jive with your interests.  I'm still a newbie so this hasn't happened for me yet but I'm looking forward to this particular feature.

You can set a reading challenge for yourself and the site will monitor your progress for you.  (I'm 5 books out of 52 so far for this year,...right on track).

Right now I am reading:

Yeah, my attention span is,.....what was I saying? lol  My attention span is practically non-existent so I jump from book to book.  The Paris Wife, so far, is an amazing book that I am completely enjoying and whole-heartedly recommend.  The Pawn is kind of dark but has some good tension and mystery to it.  The Forest for the Trees is a book on writing, but I can't offer an opinion yet (I've only read the introduction so far).

If you like to read, this is just a totally fun site. And that brings me to why I'm even bothering to mention this site to you.  If you are a reader, I would love for you to join me over on the Goodreads site.  My user name is TCohoe.  We could become friends, go for long walks on the beach,...oh, sorry.  I guess we can't do that, but we could read together or side by side.

Please contact me if you are interested.  Happy reading.

(Also, just a quick little "Best Wishes" to Mindy of Rindy Mae who will be delivering baby #3 today.  Big hugs, Mindy.)


Mindy said...

Awwww, I don't care what they say about you, you're sweet after all. :o)

And, as you can see, I got up at 4am sharp for food and coffee. Of course, it's so dang early, my paper hasn't even been delivered yet. Boooo. What in the world am I gonna do for the next five hours!?

I love, love, love to read with all my heart. Problem is, if I'm reading, I'm not doing anything else. Like, all. day. long. I've taken Bossy Pants to my last three doc appts to read there and it's pretty funny. And, although I hate to admit this at 36 years old, I read the Twilight series and really liked it. The Shack was the last book that I LOVED. I read John's Story a few months ago and it was pretty interesting. Kept me reading to the end. This may be way tardy, but the Dan Brown books are SO good. Angels and Demons was my fave, but The DaVinci code was great too. Oooh, Kite Runner was an awesome book. I'm taking the newest Stephen King short stories book with me to the hospital - ya know, 'cause I'll just be laying around, relaxing, not doing anything. HA.

Thanks for the well wishes - I'll be home Saturday and will at least shoot ya an email with the big gender reveal. :o)

Etcetorize said...

I'll be your friend for sure! Even if we don't go for long walks on the beach. I'm a pretty voracious reader, usually with several books on the go at the time. The Paris Wife is on my night stand right now too! I'm desperately trying to finish before I go on holiday. Not sure I'm in love with Mr. H but I agree, the book is absolutely wonderful~

Unknown said...

I am on Good Reads. A lady in my book club recommended it a while ago. I'll have to look you up. I haven't been on for a very long time! I'll have to check out the Paris Wife. How fun.

Adrianne Surian said...

As much as I enjoy reading, I am super picky about what I will read! Pretty much... yeah almost exclusively fantasy. I would love to read with you if you venture into that genre at all and I am happy to recommend my faves. :)

Unknown said...

Your post makes me long to read a good book. Before Fibromyalgia entered my life I read like a fean. Now I can't remember the plot from day to day. But that is what lead me to blogging. Something good comes from everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm an avid reader and haven't heard of this site! I am off to check it out and will "friend" you or whatever I need to do.

We have a neighborhood book club that's been going for four or five years now. That works out great 'cuz no one has to drive.

I do love when people post about what they're reading. I've found so many good books that way.

Adrianne commented that she reads fantasy. I'm a big fan of that genre as well. If Adrienne is reading comments, I'd love to hear what your reading. There was no blog listed when I clicked on the name:-{

Macey said...

Are we friends on goodreads?

Kei said...

Ooh, I haven't heard of goodreads. Might check it out! I'm on Shelfari far this year I've only read one book! D= But I love reading usually (my reading pile is made of about 25 books!)

Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment said...

Wow - what a goal. I hope you make it! I l;ove to read but never seem to have the time. Problem is if I am reading a good book I don't want to put it down. Last thing I read was the Hunger Game Series. Have fun! Oh - I loved Twilight too and I am older than 36!

Unknown said...

I have read all of the series from Steven James - I really liked them ;)

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