Monday, October 10, 2011

Hydrangea Wreath

This was a super cheap, super easy wreath to make.

I started by cutting down some of the ornamental grasses that we have outside. Some of them had fallen over during our last storm and didn't bounce back so they were just looking messy.  I took the grass and made it into a wreath form.

At first I tried to just wrap the grass around itself but it wouldn't hold a bit.  I ended up using twine to tie it off in places.

When I had the wreath base the way I wanted it, I cut and cut a whole bowl of semi-dry hydrangea blossoms.  I've read that if you clip the blooms when they're past fresh, they will be more likely to dry nicely.  

I brought in a whole bowl of flowers (and then some,.. check out the centrepiece at the end of this post) along with spiders, tiny crawlies, and something that looked like a miniature praying mantis.  Ick!

I just got out the glue gun and started gluing the hydrangeas to the grass wreath form.

The ribbon was the only thing I had to purchase.  It was in the sale bin at Michael's for $1, so this entire wreath cost me a buck.

I was careful with the angle of the photos but this wreath ended up being a little wonky (is that the word of the  week?).  I made it too big and the grass couldn't really take the weight of the flowers.  I ended up hanging it on one of the closet doors so that you couldn't eyeball it head on and it looks nice there.

I had enough hydrangea flowers leftover to make this centrepiece for the kitchen table.  The basket was $1 from the thrift store - a huge steal.

Notice anybody sneaking into this shot?

This is where I'm partying:


Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

So pretty! You can't even tell if it's "wonky"! Your ribbon matches perfectly! At least your little friend is just quietly walking in the room. I was taking a picture of a pumpkin in the backyard last week and through the camera I noticed Gage was getting ready to hike his leg on my pumpkin!!

Stephanie said...

This is gorgeous! We had planted 9 hydragenea plants at our old house and they became HUGE!!! Their blooms were the most gorgeous color I had ever seen!! (I spent waaay too much time out there photographing them!) I really really miss them...yesterday at Home Depot I looked at their hydragenea, but I don't really have a good place to plant them so I was kind of just looking to see if any of their blooms had dried up...and they had. I wanted them for crafts. Silly me just couldn't prune them myself, I had to be nice and ask the HD associate and they told me that they didn't own the plants so they couldn't let me....grr! I was so bummed! Now I'm thinking of plan B!

Unknown said...

I really want to plant so hydrangeas this year! They are so beautiful. Your wreath and centerpiece look great. I don't make wreaths maybe you should make one for me. Hehe. I don't have a good place to put them. That is the real problem.

Mindy said...

Ahhhhh - SO pretty!!!! I love hydrangeas when they've turned those colors. My PeeGee is like that right now. I may just have to go out and swipe some for the house. :)
Love, love, love the wreath AND the centerpiece!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Wonky is totally a word. I knew exactly what you meant but it looks good to me. The colors are incredible. Your pooch is cute too!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your little sneak just wanted to model, that's all. I think the wreath looks fab. A little wonky is OK, adds character.

Honey at 2805 said...

Wonky works when it's this pretty!

Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday! You have made the party more fun!

Brandi said...

Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the color of your hydrangeas! You did a beautiful job!

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