Friday, August 12, 2011

Photography Challenge - Week #3

So you might remember that I am participating in the photography challenge at A Step In the Journey.  This week the theme is "Bold Colours".

Here is what I came up with:

Swiss Chard

These were the runners up:

Yellow Squash
Do you sense a theme there? ha ha ha

Next week's theme is "Dinner".  Looks like I'll be a natural with that one, huh.  It's not too late to participate so pop on over and check it out:

On a similar but different note, I need a little help.  I need a new camera.  I cannot take a decent picture indoors, at all!  So we're in the market for a new camera but it is an overwhelming project to try to decide what to get.

So I'm hoping you gals can help.

What kind of camera do you use?  And do you love it? Or have trouble with it?  Faithful follower?  Just putting up with it until you can afford to move on?

I was initially thinking that I should get a digital SLR camera but I'm now wondering if I can get by with a digital camera that is better than my ancient one?

My current camera is a Canon SD750 and it takes nice pictures out in the sun,...mostly of foliage and flowers.  Indoors -- total crap.  It could certainly be my lack of expertise but I've been practicing and experimenting, so I'm leaning toward it being the camera.


I'm just looking for some advice from you gals.  Anything?  Thanks!!

Have a fabulous weekend.


Unknown said...

I have a Canon Rebel XTI. I do love it. Mine also takes much better photos outside than in. However I have found a place now in the house that gets petty good light and it has been working better. I don't know everything that my camera can do. I really need to take a class. It is an older model. It works great though. If I am taking photos when I am cooking or something I have to have all the lights on and put it on a tripod if I want really good shots. I could point out the posts where I did and didn't do this.:) Big difference. But sometimes you don't want to set everything up! Good luck.

Mindy said...

I have a six year old point and shoot, so I'm no help at all. :o(

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Honestly...if you can afford it I would go straight to the digital SLR. I have a point and shoot Canon SD1400. It was almost $200.00. Outdoors the pics are actually pretty good but inside I'm really struggling. No matter what I try things just look fuzzy. And the yellow walls in my living room look fluorescent. So...everything I have ever read about blogging cameras says to go SLR. Instead of paying $200 for a dinky camera you could spend a little more and get the good one...which you will probably end up getting a year from now anyway.
That's my 2 cents. :o)

Rivki Locker said...

My camera is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel. It's an older model (about 10 yrs old) but is still fantastic. I do find that I need extra lighting for indoor food photos. I have the Lowell Ego light for that purpose. Good luck with your decision!!

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