Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty Soap Dispenser

Homespun With Love had a really cute soap dispenser tutorial on their website that I had to try.  This is how their version turned out:

Didn't they turn out cute.  I tried to copy them.  Here is what I started with:

Soap dispenser, dollar-store flowers, and a skewer
The first one was pretty easy to do, but the second one didn't turn out as well.  Some things look so easy that it's amazing to think you can't do them right, but that seemed to be the case with my second attempt.  

The flowers to the right above were too light and refused to stay at the bottom of the dispenser.  They floated to the top and looked completely stupid.  I pulled those out and filled the second soap container with the other flowers and it worked fine. 

I don't know what was different about these floaty flowers so I can't even warm you away from them.  I guess that would be a trial and error sort of thing so maybe just don't buy too many of the flowers until you get a chance to test them out.

I didn't mind how mine turned out, but I really liked the original inspiration much  more.  Ah well, it can't always be perfection, can it?!

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Ann from On Sutton Place said...

With my luck I would get the floaty flowers too...but this is very cute and would make a great gift. I take every opportunity to use ribbon on anything!

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