Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wheel of Life - Meditation

You might remember that one of my goals under the spirituality heading was to do a daily meditation.  I have a busy mind (as most of us do I think) and I have real difficulty just stopping and not doing anything.


I have some success if I meditate after doing a half-hour of yoga, but otherwise, ugh.  I just find it really difficult to calm my monkey mind.  I decided to browse the net for some tips, only to discover that some people say I already meditate.


This is called activity-oriented meditation and is as simple as practicing a repetitive activity (like yoga, knitting, walking, tai chi), or one where you can get 'in the zone' and experience 'flow'.  This apparently quiets the mind and allows your brain to shift, giving you all the same benefits as traditional meditation.

Do you know what that sounds like to me?

It sounds like when you get caught up in crocheting a project and stop hearing everything else around you until you pause to notice you have a completed project on your lap.  Surprise.

It sounds like when you're running (and struggling if you're me, lol) and focusing on nothing more than your breath going in and out, in and out.


It sounds like when you stop to pull a weed or two in the garden, and then look up 2 hours later, feeling completely content and like you've been at it for only a few minutes (until you try to stand up, of course).


I guess everybody who had meditation as a goal is much more likely to achieve it now.  And for those of you who love to get your knit on but didn't have meditation written down as a target? Why don't you just write that down and then cross it off, feeling all good about yourself (you do that too, right?).

What is your favourite activity-oriented form of meditation?


Tina Bradley said...

Love this post! I do meditate--a bit sporadically as of late. My practice is generally 5-8 minutes long. My favorite meditative activity is yoga. T.

Carol-Anne said...

What an interesting angle on meditation! I always feel like a bit of a failure because I can never get my mind to 'quiet' enough to do 'real' meditation.....but what you've described here is something I do all the time! Maybe there's hope for me?!

Unknown said...

This is great!! I have tried meditation before and either can't quiet my mind {or my surroundings} or I fall a sleep. {yes, sitting up}
But I LOVE it when the crochet thing happens. I love to find the projects that are easy enough for that to happen. Gardening is the other active mediation I love. I can even tone out the kids {just for a minute} with that one.
I feel all accomplished and stuff now. I totally write things down just to cross them off!! This is going on the list.:)

Maureen Wyatt said...

I've failed at meditation exercises, too. Now, I feel better knowing that needlework, weeding and craft painting qualify as meditation! Thanks. ~ Maureen

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh heavens! I can't quiet my mind either! I have a whole folder full of tips on meditation and keep telling myself I should be able to master this skill, but have yet to do it! I love knowing that when I'm in the zone on other projects or activities it's a form of meditation! Yay!!

Mindy said...

Well, I never would have thought to call it meditation, but gardening definitely has the ability to clear my head. It's like you said, you're out in the dirt and all of a sudden you realize an hour has gone by. Heaven.

Kei said...

Wouldn't have called it meditation but I get into that 'zone' when I walk between my village and the next (it doesn't happen often!) and sometimes when I'm watching stuff on TV!

Macey said...

I very rarely can clear my brain enough to do this...

Kara at Petals to Picots said...

I have a hard time getting my mind to slow down too! But I can definitely relate the getting lost in a project :)

Ladybird Ln said...

Great ideas, I have a hard time clearing my mind as well, but I really think that running is my therapy, LOL!


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