Monday, March 7, 2011

Wall Clock Redo

We are in the midst of doing a complete living room renovation that will include a big wall unit being installed.  Part of this change is incorporating a gorgeous grandfather clock that my husband has been wanting for a lifetime.  The clock arrived so the wall clock we had in place is now redundant.  At the same time, the clock in our bathroom has recently died so this seemed like the perfect fit.

The bathroom is all antique white and elegant white.  Lots of white. The clock that we wanted to move in there was wood.  It’s pretty, but not such a great match.

I disassembled the clock, then primed it with spray paint, in the garage like a normal person would instead of in the middle of asphyxiating fumes in the basement.  Because who would EVER do that? (see here if you’re wondering who).

A few coats of our trim colour, elegant white, a little reassembly and the clock was finished.

Here it is hung up in the bathroom.  No excuses for being late.  


Michelle said...

Looks Great Terry!

Little City Farm said...

Thanks. Stay tuned for more changes in the bathroom coming soon.

Anonymous said...

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