Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bathroom Mirrors

This is a super easy mirror makeover for our bathroom.  I started with four mirrors from Ikea for $2.99 each.

Malma Mirror - Ikea

I primed then painted three coats (three? yes, not sure why, but three) of our trim colour, elegant white by Behr.  I wanted to embellish with a few seashells but my hubbie is leery of anything that looks too ornate so I didn't push it.  I figured I'd save my begging for something more weighty later on.  Yep, always thinking.  :)

So here is the finished product.

It took me forever to hang them so that they were straight (even though in pictures they don't really look very straight).  Here is a shot with the wall clock redo so you can see the entire wall.

 I'm basically happy with how it looks but every time I walk by I want to whip out a measuring tape to ensure they are still straight.  My hubbie thinks I'm sick.  I'm okay with that.


Yvonne@StyleBurb said...'s important to pick your up for something you really want! The mirrors look great! I am working on accessories for my bathroom and I have almost the exact same clock in the same location.

Little City Farm said...

Yvonne - that is so neat. Great minds thinking alike I guess, lol.

Michelle said...

Another great project Terry. I really like the mirrors. said...

So creative! Love this post...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


Little City Farm said...

Michelle -- Thanks. You're always so supportive. :) Kara -- thanks and see you tomorrow.

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