Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bachlorette Dinner

My husband has to travel for work occasionally, so the boys and I are left to fend for ourselves.  I usually eat simple meals when it's just me, but I'm a food junkie so I still cook.  Here's last night's dinner in pics:

Anchovy filets in oil
Dried chillies

Chopped garlic

Cracked black pepper

Basil chiffonade

Diced tomatoes

Bit of water (pasta water if you make your pasta fresh)

Your pasta

All together now

Parmesan cheese
What do you eat when you're at home by yourself for a meal?


Tina Bradley said...

Hi, Terry! I, too, think it's great to plan something special + exciting when we girls "batch it!" It truly does make it into a party of sorts. T.

Unknown said...

Ha,ha, me at home alone for dinner, Ha! When JP works late (which he has been doing a lot of lately) I make something easy and fun for the kids. Fish sticks, mac and cheese, omelets and toast. Then I eat a bowl of cereal when they are all in bed.:) Ha,ha.
You meal looks fantastic. I have never cooked with anchovies. I hear they kind of melt into your sauce and you don't taste them that much. Is that true?

Adrianne Surian said...

It's a lot of grilled cheese or scrambled eggs and toast. I'm on my own for dinner 4 nights a week... but I don't embrace leftovers well, so it has to be quick, easy, and a serving size of 1. :)

Yours looks yummy!!

Mindy said...

Ha! I certainly wouldn't be turnin' the stove on! I'd be all over a cold cheddar and mayo sammie. :)

Anonymous said...

now that is called spoiling your self!!! looks yummy!

Macey said...

I'm with Mindy! LOL!!

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