Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Book Page Wreath

My fingers are burnt, there is glitter on everything including supper, and I'm pleased as punch.  Must mean I've jumped on the book page wreath bandwagon.

New Home in the Spare Bathroom

I have recently found Brandy J's fabulous blog, "Just Our Style".  She has the greatest ideas including this wreath.  Her directions are pretty simple and her photos are very helpful.  

To start I cut out an 18-inch donut, about 2 inches wide, from a side of the box that the printer came in.  Cutting it was hard on the fingers but it was worth the zero price tag.

She used a scalloped circle punch to make the circles.  I didn't have one so I went all old school and used a compass.  Do you even know what a compass is?

I drew 6 two-inch circles on each page and then cut out 6 sheets at a time to make it go faster.

When I got to the step where you glue the circles into flowers, I found a technique that minimized my burnt fingers a bit.  I took 6 of the circles, dabbed the centres with glue, then went back to the first one and scrunched it into a flower.  I found that by the time I got back to the first one, it had cooled enough not to be lethal but was still fine for gluing.  Of course you don't have to do it that way, I just found I lost less skin that way.

I glued the gold ribbon to the back and made a separate bow (as Brandy J suggests) to attach.  To add a bit of personality to the wreath, I brushed a bit of mod podge on the edges and sprinkled with gold glitter.  Wow, that stuff really gets everywhere doesn't it.  I guess I can put up with it considering it looks nice on the wreath.

I can see how everyone is addicted to using book pages to create home decor pieces.  It's easy and the price is definitely right.

This is where I party.

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Michelle said...

Wow! Your wreath looks great! I can only imagine how long this took. Well worth it!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

This is really pretty! This has been on my list of projects that I want to do. I love anything with book pages! Great job!!

becky and the beanstock said...

Do I even know what a compass is...? Am I dating myself if I snicker at that question? I love the wreath -- and love the idea of glitter and glue in dinner. (How was it?) But, um.... what book did you sacrifice for the cause?

Brandy J. said...

Terry, I'm so glad you liked my wreath enough to give it a try. It honestly warms the cockles of my heart. :) I'm also super glad my grease fighting tip saved your clothes. I loved it so much I knew I had to share the ol' tip with the world! said...

Your wreath turned out great! I've been enjoying tea-dying books to use in vignettes.

Tks for stopping by :)

Kimberly Moore said...

Ah! I want to go try this right now! Love the way it turned out. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Come visit me at!

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I hope your fingers have recovered and that the supper a la glitter tasted delish! Your book page wreath looks so good, Terry. I'm not very crafty but I would really like one of these wreaths. It's added to my list!

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