Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo Tips - Recomposing

Last week, we talked a bit about focus points and focus modes.  This week, we are going to apply that information.

Do you remember when we talked about doing portraits of children and pets, how one of the most important things to remember was getting the eyes in focus?  Well, let's say you want set up your shot but the little focus points don't line up with the eyes.  Now what do you do?

You recompose.  Here's how:

First, you want to position the little focus point or square (depending on your camera) over the part you want in focus, in this case your subject's eyes.  Press your shutter button halfway down, keep it pressed halfway, and then move your camera to position your subject the way you want to.  If you keep the button pressed down halfway, then the eyes will still remain in focus even though the red focus point (or square) is now on something else.

This first photo shows how I would position the focusing square over my model's eye, then depress the shutter button halfway.

This second photo shows how I would keep my finger pressed halfway down and then recompose the picture how I want it to look.  Even though the little focus box is off of my subject's eye now, the eyes will still be in focus because I haven't let go of the shutter button.

Sorry for the subpar photos.  I had to use my phone to take the pictures of what you would see on your camera.  Normally I would use the viewfinder and it would be the little focus points that I would see, but it's the same idea as these squares on the lcd screen.

For the focus points, just make sure that the little point that lights up red is initially over the subject's eye and it will work just the same.  Be sure to watch The Snap Chick video if you're at all confused.  She does a great job of demonstrating this in video format.

On a different note, I going to be wrapping up the photo series soon, but before I do, I wondered if you have any questions or subjects that you would like addressed or clarified?  If you do, please let a comment and I'll do my best to get to it before we move onto a different series.

Improve Photography
The Snap Chick - a great video


Pam @Threading My Way said...

I'll have to try this, Terry. Thanks for the tips!!!

Unknown said...

Oh no the photo tips are going away?! You always have such great tips. I'll let you know if I can think of anything else you could cover. Fantastic tip today by the way!:)

Macey said...

Oh yeah, my camera can do that...but I never knew exactly what it did. Der.

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