Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soaking Sod and Clematis

As you might remember, we are in the midst of putting in our front driveway which has made the entire front area a construction zone.  The lawn in particular is quite a mess, big chunks missing.

Instead of seeding our front no-lawn, hubbie insisted on sodding our no-lawn (I believe it was an instant gratification sort of thing).  The guys came,....last night while hubbie was in Montreal.  Of course this meant that I had to dig through the spidery garage to find the sprinklers and the hose.  The first sprinkler was broken, but luckily I found a working one amidst the heap.  

We have two sets of hoses, one for either side of the house, neither of which were long enough for the task at hand.  So, feeling bitter and not hiding it one bit, I had to drag the hoses together to form a long line of heavy, dragged through the mud, disgusting hoses.  This was compounded by my nonexistent upper body strength and total clumsiness.  Then I had to set the timer and move them every 20 minutes. 

So, every 20 minutes I got a good soaking because I couldn’t quite figure out how to move the sprinkler without getting wet.  After it was finally finished, the kid who put in the sod came back and said it wasn’t wet enough.  I gave him the same look I give the dogs when they wander into the kitchen when I’m cooking.  It wasn’t pretty.  I think it scared him, but he still insisted it needed redoing.

The good side of being out there was that I noticed that the clematis have started to bloom.  Totally inspired by Mindy from Rindy Mae, with her fabulous garden pictures, I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots.  

Okay,….that was the only thing blooming.  How about some potential blooms? Here are the hydrangea that we may see one day.

Yeah, sorry.  It’s just that Mindy usually has a bunch of great pictures and I was feeling a little light, under a bit of pressure to perform.

Now this morning, there was a little burst of blooms on that same clematis plant.  

And whatever these are.  (if anyone knows, I would love if they would tell me)

Well that's as far as the Mindy-esque photos go but do check out her site if you want to see some gorgeous blooms.  She's quite a marvel.


Mindy said...

1. I was oohing and aahing over that beautiful driveway.

2. I was laughing my butt off at your ordeal. It sounded just like something that would happen at my house.

3. I was awwwwwwing over you mentioning me. What a sweetheart you are!

4. That clematis is gorgeous! I want one that color. :o)

5. My hydrangeas don't have a single bud yet. Brat.

6. The white flowers remind me of a cross between a strawberry and a cherry. :o) I can't see the leaves and I don't recognize it right away. Rock Rose maybe? It's cute, whatever it is.

7. Thank you for all the kind words. So sweet!

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

You're really funny! I also think you're good at giving "looks" - I'm remembering the time you answered your door in the midst of a hair treatment!

Your clematis is beautiful and you've taken fantastic pictures of them! I think everything is a bit delayed in blooming because of the yucky spring.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what your driveway and front lawn look like when it's all done!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Totally love your climatis. It's my absolute favorite flower...showy and no maintenance. My purple one (no idea what the name is) is just beginning to bloom. I don't have many blooms yet either on my other stuff. It's hard to be patient! Have a great weekend...

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